Saturday, April 26, 2008

Karter - Kitchen accesories


It'll be almost a year before its my time to put my works up on display and let it be critique unscrupulously. I've seen my seniors graduate year after without knowing really what happened to them except for the few that managed to have their name repeatedly appear on design sites for their winning entries. I thought about that for myself today.

3 years ago, I made my first product presentation as a freshmen. The reception was less than lukewarm if not cold, by my professors and tutors. I can't quite figure out what was exactly going on in their heads as they judged my product but I was honestly quite satisfied with my work.

A year later, it was submitted online and became part of an online exhibition showcasing Asia's up and coming designers in conjunction with the Singapore Design Festival in 2007.
If you're interested, the link to the exhibition can be found here at Dandelion .

Here are some product shots. Do contact me if you're interested in owning one of these.


dune said...

hey rashid, how to use ur product? i'm curious..

Rashid Lee said...

Its basically a cutter. You slide the thin edge of your food packet into the slit and just run the cutter across.No mechanism involved. It works just like any other knife except that the cutting blade is kept within the housing so no one can accidentally cut their fingers.

dune said...

that's very cool! how much are u selling one ?