Friday, November 7, 2008


It's been a sleepless night. I'm wide awake at 5 a.m and configuring my flickr account to synchronize with this blog. Anyway, that's the picture of my deck that I've been intending to sell.

About 2 years ago, I was hired by some local secondary school as a relief teacher. I wasn't given a decent office and I had to run off to the bus stop outside just to get some shut-eye.During my short stint there, I hung out at the skate shop that is situated just right outside the school. It's the probably the oldest running skate shop in Singapore.

For those in the know, this shop needs no introduction.In the end, I got tired of waiting at the bus stop and decide to skate in between lessons after buying my deck from the shop. It actually feels like as if the gahmen is actually paying me to skate.

I failed to synchronize the settings with flickr

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guerrrilla said...

heh. i know which shop you're referring to. but its a bit out of the way for me. easier to go to the skate shop at peninsula plaza. i bought my very first set-up from "Hypno" at far east plaza. R.I.P. that was aktually quite a good shop.

nice darkstar deck though!!!! first glance i thought it was toy machine. i vote to keep it!! dunt sell :-)

fwaar!! i've always wanted a high skool teacher like you balls. punk rawk "office" at the bus stop & skating in between klasses or breaks. haHaha!! damn stylo.

seriously!! the evil isle edukation system needs it. trouble is...... folks like you are too kewl for skool bruv!!! word.