Monday, November 10, 2008


The thesis presentation went well. I am quite happy with the new design direction that I'm taking now. Other than the fact the design concept came about from real contextual observations, I am also able to fulfill my academic and industry requirement better. At the end of this, I still have to be able to attract potential employers at my graduation show. With 70% of the industry employers coming from the electronic sector, I can't afford to miss this chance to have my design directed at something techno-gadgety.

The Design Brief:
To enhance the urban night skating experience.

The Concept:
A portable device to allow skateboarders and other passersby to view their stunts in sequence immediately after they execute them.

I won't go into too much details at this point of time and there's still a lot of tweaking to do but I do hope the panels will suffice for now.


guerrrilla said...

i like the bit where the tigga kan "superimpose" the last trick landed by one skater on top of the other. this is like "skate clinic" on the go yo!! pretty dope idea. i kan imagine the bois at soouthbank london projecting this onto the grimey walls of the underkroft. too wikkid.

by the way... you keen on working the electronic industry?? you seem really arty to me... in a philippe stark way ;-)

Rashid Lee said...

yeah electronic for the first 3 years to get my foot through the door. I'm more interested in experience design. Pretty much like an installation artist meets mechanical engineer. But thats the way it is over here on Evil Isle.

Actually you got it right there, half of what i wnated it to be was pretty much like a skate clinic on the go. The other is actually makin use of walls as canvases like how Troika design studios and The graffitti reasearch lab folks do it.