Monday, February 9, 2009

Thesis updates and timeline

I've been meaning to show the whole process which includes sketches and mockups but I guess the severity of this project has taken a lot of my time. Hopefully though, that I could squeeze some of it and show it in the next few posts. The postings frequency has been rather random and slow of late but I do hope that you won't stop reading this blog.
I just had my first crit for this final semester. The comments were alright with most of my tutors telling me to dig deeper into the cultural aspect of my intended users. The change in the form and shape has been quite significant after doing feasibility studies and asking the users the right questions. It was also due to my supervisor's encouragement and suggestion that it had turned the way it is now. The following panels are just some of the updates with a timeline to the project included. The concept still stays the same and if you're thinking of having a look at how far this has come, the preliminary design is found here.

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