Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good to go

How do you turn 1 chair into many chairs?

That was the question that we explored when we were initially presented with the Erpo Dining Chair. There are many ways to go about it but we decided to approach the subject from a visual point of view. The name "#5" then arose from the fact that you can see 5 different chairs from this single chair. 4 different chairs form a 2-Dimensional silhouette and the fifth one can be seen in 3-Dimensions when viewed at specific angles.
In that aspect, you get many chairs out of one.

"#5" was also inspired from an optical illusion of how disconnected pieces form a full image when viewed from a certain angle. The construction of “#5" had used distinctive parts of the original Erpo dining chair. The two curved spines and the legs are each joined at a 45 degree angle to help form the 2-Dimensional chair silhouettes. The #5 chair had been designed for temporary sitting purposes in places such as art galleries and museums.

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