Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post Mortem

This will probably be the first post with regards to my thesis. It's been 8 weeks into the semester and my design direction has finally been set in stone. It's been a dizzying trip with a lot of round-abouts trying to convince the panel.

It'll be less than 8 more months left before I graduate. There a are a lot of things to do right now which includes getting the design report down into writing.

At this point of time things ar egoing along smoothly. Or at least that's the way I saw it. I've been less of a planner and concentrating more on being able to give my self options when faced with situations. Things seemed to work out that way better.

This post will also be a primer to greater blog changes to come as it will shift from being from a photoblog to an online compilation of my design work.

More post on my work soon.
That's all for now.

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